Vocational Evaluation


The Role of the Vocational Expert

The primary purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation is to enable each individual to reach his/her highest level of achievement, personally and vocationally. One of the mandates of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is the Return-to-Work of the client. How this is done, and the extent of the involvement and type of services required depends on the barriers to employment faced by the client. Successful return-to-work transition planning may be linked to a good vocational assessment.

The role of the Vocational Expert (VE) is to provide professional evaluations and opinions in regard to any or all vocational aspects of a case. The Vocational Expert may provide expert opinions and/or testimony in relation to the following areas:

  • Effects of personal injury on one’s ability to work and on earning capacity
  • Exertional, non-exertional and other requirements of work
  • National/local labor market trends, changes, and statistics
  • Employment practices and expectations of hiring organizations
  • Vocational/job skill requirements and transferability issues

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