School to Work Transition Services


School to Work Transition Services

This is a service for those ages 14 through adulthood who are preparing for meaningful lives in their communities. It helps young adults explore careers, develop skills, relationships, and gain opportunities in their homes and neighborhoods as they prepare to begin community life. Focused on helping individuals take their best steps forward (based on their own self-determined plans of action), the program supports, guides, and presents real-life experiences to people as they take their daily lives beyond congregate programming.

School to Work Transition Services are intended to… 

  • Allow high school students the opportunity to gain work experience before they graduate 
  • Match the job opening with the appropriate student
  •  Help the employers provide initial instruction to the student
  • Make sure that the employer is satisfied with the work that the student is doing

Students in the Program are… 

  • From local High Schools 
  • Between 14-22 years old 
  • Interested in a broad range of careers
  • Reliable and dependable

Benefits to the employer are… 

  • Time and money saved on recruiting 
  • Potential to earn tax credits for employing individuals with disabilities 
  • Free support from a job coach in training the student 
  • A valuable school/ community partnership 
  • Increasing the probability that the students will become productive citizens who are assets to their community 
  • A highly skilled work-force
  • Positive recognition

School to Work Transition Services provide job experience for high school students .

The employer will provide the students with… 

  • An opportunity to participate productively in society 
  • A chance to learn skills in order to live independently
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem a person gains from holding a job

Jobs held by School to Work students include*:

  • Cashier  Stocking shelves 
  • Office assistant 
  • Cleaning offices 
  • Customer service
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Sales

* This is an sample of occupations in which students are employed. We are not limited to this list and welcome any other suggestions for jobs.

Employers acquire hard-working, enthusiastic students to work for their company.

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