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Tyra Watts Vocational Consulting
Tyra Watts Vocational Consulting
Vocational Evaluation

Vocational evaluation is a process in which a vocationally trained expert meets with an individual to gather information in order to evaluate that persons vocational potential. Through a combination of interview, vocational testing, situational assessment, records review and resource survey, the evaluator can guide the individual toward (or away from) specific jobs, fields of interest or ability, vocational training, courses of study or placement.

Vocational Evaluation Services are beneficial for gathering information about work interests, skills, behaviors and tolerances while performing a job. Detailed assessment of vocational assets and challenges are provided with recommendations for achieving an individual’s employment goals. Employers provide valuable feedback regarding work habits, work skills and physical capabilities.

Vocational evaluations are used in personal injury, college major selection, Worker's Compensation Cases, Social Security Administration, and even divorce situations ( alimony/child support). The process can be requested by the individual, a lawyer or even the court depending on the need(s) of the parties and the situation. The outcome of a vocational evaluation may be a report, counseling with the individual, or testimony in court as to the findings.

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