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Return to Work Specialist
Tyra Watts Vocational Consulting
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 PGAP® Return to Work Coaching


PGAP® was developed by Dr. Michael Sullivan at the Centre for Research on Pain and Disability at McGill University. Dr. Darrell Bruga started the first PGAP® oversight care network in the U.S. in 2011. Dr. Bruga, Founder and CEO of Empatha Outcomes and Empatha Care Management, is a rehabilitation services innovator who has implemented solutions to positively impact delayed recovery, work disability and opioid management. He is clinically focused on improving rehabilitation and return to work outcomes through evidence-based behavioral, physical and psychosocial interventions. 

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®) – is currently considered one of the most empirically supported standardized interventions for targeting psychosocial risk factors.  The primary goals of PGAP® are to reduce psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into life-role activities, increase quality of life, and facilitate return-to-work. These goals are achieved through a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention with a return-to-work focus. Several CBT techniques such as cognitive re-appraisal and emotional problem solving, graduated exposure, goal setting, and maximizing success and achievement experiences throught motivationl enhancement are included in PGAP®.  

PGAP® is considered  However, these techniques have been modified such that ‘disability reduction’ is the central objective of using these techniques rather than ‘pain management’. In order to have maximal impact on disability reduction, there are no passive or palliative techniques used within PGAP®.

“Return to work is a stated objective of PGAP® and the techniques contained within PGAP® are intended to maximize the probability that work resumption is achieved.”

- Dr. Michael Sullivan


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